1/24 or 1/36

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1/24 or 1/36

Postby bmrsitebiz » Mon Sep 19, 2016 8:14 am

I am very interested in getting a new truck - I am looking at the 1/24 truggy or the 1/36 Truck -- I like the looks of both. I am going to only use the truck in the house we have a game room that is all hardwood floors and I think we are going to have some races.

A couple of friends have 1/36 trucks and 1/24 trucks... the 1/24 th are a lot bigger but still super cool.

I want something that will last and I am not seeing a lot of parts out there for the 1/24 but I do for the 1/36 but the 1/36 is discountinued... so my issue is do we all get 1/24 now or is it still ok to get the 1/36? Will they keep making spare parts?
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Re: 1/24 or 1/36

Postby Dialed_In » Mon Sep 19, 2016 12:47 pm

Size is really a preference and how and where you will be driving is a consideration. I just took a look at the 1/36th parts listing and they have discontinued the transmission set and complete transmission so I wouldn't by a 1/36th unless you're nostalgic or can find and stock up on tranny parts. Most of the 1/36th bodies also look discontinued.

The 1/24ths never really got much aftermarket parts support. They didn't really need aftermarket parts though as they are pretty decent in stock form. There is a mod to increase the turning radius and then tend to run warm because of the 4wd.
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